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February 11, 2019

#1: An Intro To Socialism



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Admin note: This episode has since been updated for clarity and consistency of concept. If you're looking for the old version of episode 1, it's available for download if you become a patron on Patreon (link above).


Nordic Economic Model A.K.A Welfare State Capitalism:


The Principles Of Communism:


The Communist Manifesto:


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February 25, 2019

#2: Liberalism Vs. The Left



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01:27: Beyond Rawls: An Analysis of the Concept of Political Liberalism by SP Young, ISBN-10: 0761822410


03:00: “Understanding liberals vs the left” by Elizabeth Bruenig:


04:23: “The Difference Between Liberalism and Leftism” by Nathan J. Robinson, Editor in Chief of Current Affairs:


06:00: Classical Liberal roots and how it relates to our modern parties


07:40: Morals vs. Manners and superficial vs. systemic changes


07:50: Liberalism in Theory and Practice by Jacobin Magazine:


11:00: What it Means to Be on the Left by Peter Frase, Jacobin Magazine:


11:45: Can liberalism realize its own ideals?


21:26: Why is the liberal welfare state not sufficient?


28:10: How would leftists address social issues as compared to liberals?


37:15: Is liberalism equipped to deal with the rise of Trump and the far right?


38:00: “Why People Vote For Those Who Work Against Their Best Interests” Lecture by Mark Blyth:


42:25: Obama to Trump Swing Voters:



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March 11, 2019

#3: Neoliberalism



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00:25: What is “neoliberalism?”

02:30: What is laissez faire as an economic principle?


04:05: A Brief History of Neoliberalism by David Harvey ISBN-10: 0199283273

05:04: What is typical capitalism vs. the neoliberal project?


07:10: What is “austerity?”


08:30: Is GDP vs. debt a comprehensive and accurate analysis for social progress?


10:22: What cultural ethics or attitudes arise from neoliberal economic policies?


17:40: The cultural mythos of trickle down economic policy.


20:46: Inequality increases as union membership decreases.


20:50: Labor share of profit decreases as corporate share rises.


23:25: Wage stagnation in 9 charts:


24:00: How did neoliberal economic ideology intersect with the 2008 housing crash?

31:21: The neoliberal project in stark contrast to previous conceptions of capitalism


37:30: The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein


41:00: What is “creative destruction” under Neoliberalism as David Harvey explains?


46:00: The legacy of the Neoliberal project in Venezuela


50:10: What are the differences between Neoliberalism in theory vs. in practice?


01:01:17: The 1973 Oil Crisis, 1979 Oil Crisis & OAPEC:


01:02:20: The use of state power to discipline local and foreign economies


01:16:30: Alan Greenspan admits neoliberal capitalism didn’t work:


01:17:00: The Neoconservative response to Neoliberal economic policies.


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01:25: Global Warming & Climate Change


03:34: “There is no ethical consumption under late capitalism.”


05:38: 100 corporations are responsible for 70% of emissions


06:45: Environmentalists should be decidedly anti-capitalist.


07:20: How should leftists consider the environment?


12:20: Kevin P. Martyn, Ph.D. candidate in Geography at USF


13:25: What do environmentalists need to know about capitalism?


18:25: Are individual lifestyle changes sufficient to avoid climate change?


22:00: Is capitalism compatible with environmentalism?


22:30: Green Capitalism: The God that Failed by Richard Smith


24:00: “Green-washing” the status quo


27:35: Whither Socialism by Joseph Stiglitz


33:30: Can language about environmentalism become “gentrified?”


35:35: Frank Luntz and the “Death Tax”


38:10: What Every Environmentalist Needs to Know about Capitalism


40:53: David Wallace-Wells’ The Uninhabitable Earth


43:50: The Green New Deal politic: The particulars do matter


49:27: Are there direct consequences of climate change if not addressed now?


49:50: IPCC Timeline of Climate Change impact


56:10: Are there any candidates for 2020 that can address climate change nationally?


1:02:44: How can people get involved and help address climate change politically?


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April 8, 2019

#5: An Intro to Fascism



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02:07: George Orwell on contemporary Fascism


03:26: What are definitions of Fascism past and present?


09:37: What are some specific characteristics of Fascism as an ideology?


10:33: Cranks in academia; Gregor, The Fascist Persuasion in Radical Politics 


18:42: Robert Paxton’s The Anatomy of Fascism


22:49: Productive & Parasitic Capitalism: How did fascists view capitalism?


31:25: Are fascist conceptions of Marxism accurate?


35:00: Just how “fascist” is Donald Trump?


41:00: Good faith and bad faith arguments


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April 22, 2019

#6: Imperialism



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00:20: Former CIA Director admits U.S meddles in foreign elections.


01:23: What is Imperialism?


05:58: Why is Imperialism still a relevant topic for leftist discussion?


08:03: Elliott Abrams, imperialist chore boy extraordinaire.


09:46: Kant’s racism influenced Western academia for centuries.


11:39: Herbert Spencer’s Social Darwinism: A culture of race realism.


13:25: What are some historical examples of imperialism?


16:54: How is imperialism different from colonialism in concept?


20:22: Edward Said: Orientalism


21:11: What are contemporary examples of imperialism?


22:43: Soft power and hard power.


23:15: The U.S has hundreds of foreign military bases.


28:40: Rubio tweets about Gaddafi’s brutalization to provoke Maduro.


30:45: Gassing Kurds? U.S sleeps. Saddam invades Kuwait: Real shit?


31:33:  Observers confirm legitimacy of elections in Venezuela.


33:15: Max Blumenthal debunks imperialist propaganda in Venezuela.

35:01: Pro-capitalist opposition protestors in support of Guaido burn aid.


36:26: U.S doing the same to Venezuela as done to Mosaddegh in Iran.


36:32: U.S did the same thing in El Salvador with Allende.


37:00: Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins.


37:45: General Smedley Butler, actual economic hitman.


38:28: Coca Cola hired hired death squads in Columbia.


39:00: How does capitalism ultimately produce neo-imperial regimes?


40:05: Recession of the 1890’s.


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01:25 What is uneven development?


03:00: "Uneven development” via Rostow’s Stages


07:36: How is uneven development related to imperialism and colonialism?


11:40: How Europe Underdeveloped Africa by Walter Rodney


16:32: What are the scopes and causes of uneven development?


18:27: Redlining, denial of mortgage loans, and disinvestment in Chicago


20:25: What is the legacy of uneven development today?


20:35: Case studies of uneven development in Zambia and Tanzania


22:15: Structural Adjustments of the IMF or World Bank cause poverty


26:10: Thomas Sankara on foreign aid


29:30: Therapy is less effective for people in poverty


30:00: Socioeconomic status correlating with social outcomes


31:45: How does capitalism enable market attitudes that trend toward uneven development?


36:00: Capitalist market logic applied to West Virginia


36:02: Richard Ojeda, milquetoast orange-man-bad liberal


43:10: How are social relations relevant to examples of uneven development?


49:05: Gentrification and the Real Estate State by Samuel Stein


51:20: New Urbanism:


56:50: Boyle Heights gentrification protests


59:30: Betsy DeVos privatizing education


1:00:30: How does uneven development foster nationalistic, reactionary tendencies?


1:03:00: Local examples: White flight, displacement, gentrification



1:06:00: Eagle’s Landing in Atlanta, GA


1:09:50: Low investment in neighborhoods equals low public school funding



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0:00: Clip: A Blueprint for building wealth


1:19: What is capital accumulation?


2:27: What types of capital can be accumulated?


3:45: Socialism means Jar-Jar Binks Lollipops for all


12:40: What factors contribute to growth in a capitalist economy?


18:18 What are the crises associated with over-accumulation of capital?


21:08: Why did Marx believe that capital tends to accumulate in few hands?


27:25: What are some characteristics of capitalism in decline?


37:39: According to Marx, what are the origins of capital accumulation?


39:51: Origin of the Family, Private Property & State


41:20: Margie Thatcher’s Housing Act of 1980


43:33: How does uneven development intersect with capital accumulation?


1:00:00: What is new urbanism?


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1:05: What are the essential processes of an economy?


2:15: What is essential to production in an economy?


4:23: What are 3 types of values associated with economic production?


10:23: What is Marx’s law of value or the labor theory of value?


18:55: What is “the tendency of the rate of profit to fall?”


25:15: What is a labor union?


28:45: Delta Airlines’ anti-Union propaganda


29:50: Unionized workers tend to make more money


33:00: What is the purpose of a labor union?

33:26: What is a strike?


36:29: The UPS strike of 1997


37:00: What is a scab?


38:30: How do scabs undermine labor organizing?


41:55: What are the strengths and weaknesses of unions?


55:15: What were some major victories for labor in the 19th century?


56:50: The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938


1:05:00 What role has the left played in labor organizing in the U.S?


1:06:50: The Taft-Hartley Act


1:10:30: Organizing a union in your workplace:


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July 1, 2019

#10: White Supremacy



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1:19: What is white supremacy?



3:05: 2018 domestic terrorists were mostly right wing



6:03: What are some examples of white supremacist movements?



11:45: What motivates white supremacy?


21:45: How should the left respond to the legacy of white supremacy?



23:20: Alyssa Milano getting dunked on by Left Twitter



30:52: Racial biases in economic and social interactions


35:15: Crenshaw’s district carves urban core of Houston



36:15: Lee Atwater and the GOP’s racist strategy:



38:00: The cost of Japanese internment during WW2



42:30: Abe Lincoln on deporting free slaves



44:45: How do liberals view the intersection of capital & white supremacy?



52:05: What is white privilege and how is it embedded in Western society?


59:30: How does the dilemma of “free speech” enable white supremacy?


1:05:50: Christchurch murders fueled by right wing ideas



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