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July 1, 2019

#10: White Supremacy



Listen, support, and interact:



1:19: What is white supremacy?



3:05: 2018 domestic terrorists were mostly right wing



6:03: What are some examples of white supremacist movements?



11:45: What motivates white supremacy?


21:45: How should the left respond to the legacy of white supremacy?



23:20: Alyssa Milano getting dunked on by Left Twitter



30:52: Racial biases in economic and social interactions


35:15: Crenshaw’s district carves urban core of Houston



36:15: Lee Atwater and the GOP’s racist strategy:



38:00: The cost of Japanese internment during WW2



42:30: Abe Lincoln on deporting free slaves



44:45: How do liberals view the intersection of capital & white supremacy?



52:05: What is white privilege and how is it embedded in Western society?


59:30: How does the dilemma of “free speech” enable white supremacy?


1:05:50: Christchurch murders fueled by right wing ideas



Music produced by @southpointe__ on Instagram.

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