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April 22, 2019

#6: Imperialism



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00:20: Former CIA Director admits U.S meddles in foreign elections.


01:23: What is Imperialism?


05:58: Why is Imperialism still a relevant topic for leftist discussion?


08:03: Elliott Abrams, imperialist chore boy extraordinaire.


09:46: Kant’s racism influenced Western academia for centuries.


11:39: Herbert Spencer’s Social Darwinism: A culture of race realism.


13:25: What are some historical examples of imperialism?


16:54: How is imperialism different from colonialism in concept?


20:22: Edward Said: Orientalism


21:11: What are contemporary examples of imperialism?


22:43: Soft power and hard power.


23:15: The U.S has hundreds of foreign military bases.


28:40: Rubio tweets about Gaddafi’s brutalization to provoke Maduro.


30:45: Gassing Kurds? U.S sleeps. Saddam invades Kuwait: Real shit?


31:33:  Observers confirm legitimacy of elections in Venezuela.


33:15: Max Blumenthal debunks imperialist propaganda in Venezuela.

35:01: Pro-capitalist opposition protestors in support of Guaido burn aid.


36:26: U.S doing the same to Venezuela as done to Mosaddegh in Iran.


36:32: U.S did the same thing in El Salvador with Allende.


37:00: Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins.


37:45: General Smedley Butler, actual economic hitman.


38:28: Coca Cola hired hired death squads in Columbia.


39:00: How does capitalism ultimately produce neo-imperial regimes?


40:05: Recession of the 1890’s.


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