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May 6, 2019

#7: Uneven Development



Listen, support, and interact:



01:25 What is uneven development?


03:00: "Uneven development” via Rostow’s Stages


07:36: How is uneven development related to imperialism and colonialism?


11:40: How Europe Underdeveloped Africa by Walter Rodney


16:32: What are the scopes and causes of uneven development?


18:27: Redlining, denial of mortgage loans, and disinvestment in Chicago


20:25: What is the legacy of uneven development today?


20:35: Case studies of uneven development in Zambia and Tanzania


22:15: Structural Adjustments of the IMF or World Bank cause poverty


26:10: Thomas Sankara on foreign aid


29:30: Therapy is less effective for people in poverty


30:00: Socioeconomic status correlating with social outcomes


31:45: How does capitalism enable market attitudes that trend toward uneven development?


36:00: Capitalist market logic applied to West Virginia


36:02: Richard Ojeda, milquetoast orange-man-bad liberal


43:10: How are social relations relevant to examples of uneven development?


49:05: Gentrification and the Real Estate State by Samuel Stein


51:20: New Urbanism:


56:50: Boyle Heights gentrification protests


59:30: Betsy DeVos privatizing education


1:00:30: How does uneven development foster nationalistic, reactionary tendencies?


1:03:00: Local examples: White flight, displacement, gentrification



1:06:00: Eagle’s Landing in Atlanta, GA


1:09:50: Low investment in neighborhoods equals low public school funding



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