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May 21, 2019

#8: Capital Accumulation



Listen, support, and interact:



0:00: Clip: A Blueprint for building wealth


1:19: What is capital accumulation?


2:27: What types of capital can be accumulated?


3:45: Socialism means Jar-Jar Binks Lollipops for all


12:40: What factors contribute to growth in a capitalist economy?


18:18 What are the crises associated with over-accumulation of capital?


21:08: Why did Marx believe that capital tends to accumulate in few hands?


27:25: What are some characteristics of capitalism in decline?


37:39: According to Marx, what are the origins of capital accumulation?


39:51: Origin of the Family, Private Property & State


41:20: Margie Thatcher’s Housing Act of 1980


43:33: How does uneven development intersect with capital accumulation?


1:00:00: What is new urbanism?


Music produced by @southpointe__ on Instagram.

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