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February 25, 2019

#2: Liberalism Vs. The Left



Listen, support, and interact:



01:27: Beyond Rawls: An Analysis of the Concept of Political Liberalism by SP Young, ISBN-10: 0761822410


03:00: “Understanding liberals vs the left” by Elizabeth Bruenig:


04:23: “The Difference Between Liberalism and Leftism” by Nathan J. Robinson, Editor in Chief of Current Affairs:


06:00: Classical Liberal roots and how it relates to our modern parties


07:40: Morals vs. Manners and superficial vs. systemic changes


07:50: Liberalism in Theory and Practice by Jacobin Magazine:


11:00: What it Means to Be on the Left by Peter Frase, Jacobin Magazine:


11:45: Can liberalism realize its own ideals?


21:26: Why is the liberal welfare state not sufficient?


28:10: How would leftists address social issues as compared to liberals?


37:15: Is liberalism equipped to deal with the rise of Trump and the far right?


38:00: “Why People Vote For Those Who Work Against Their Best Interests” Lecture by Mark Blyth:


42:25: Obama to Trump Swing Voters:



Music produced by @southpointe__ on Instagram.

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