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March 11, 2019

#3: Neoliberalism



Listen, support, and interact:



00:25: What is “neoliberalism?”

02:30: What is laissez faire as an economic principle?


04:05: A Brief History of Neoliberalism by David Harvey ISBN-10: 0199283273

05:04: What is typical capitalism vs. the neoliberal project?


07:10: What is “austerity?”


08:30: Is GDP vs. debt a comprehensive and accurate analysis for social progress?


10:22: What cultural ethics or attitudes arise from neoliberal economic policies?


17:40: The cultural mythos of trickle down economic policy.


20:46: Inequality increases as union membership decreases.


20:50: Labor share of profit decreases as corporate share rises.


23:25: Wage stagnation in 9 charts:


24:00: How did neoliberal economic ideology intersect with the 2008 housing crash?

31:21: The neoliberal project in stark contrast to previous conceptions of capitalism


37:30: The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein


41:00: What is “creative destruction” under Neoliberalism as David Harvey explains?


46:00: The legacy of the Neoliberal project in Venezuela


50:10: What are the differences between Neoliberalism in theory vs. in practice?


01:01:17: The 1973 Oil Crisis, 1979 Oil Crisis & OAPEC:


01:02:20: The use of state power to discipline local and foreign economies


01:16:30: Alan Greenspan admits neoliberal capitalism didn’t work:


01:17:00: The Neoconservative response to Neoliberal economic policies.


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