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March 25, 2019

#4: Climate Change (with PhD candidate Kevin Martyn)



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01:25: Global Warming & Climate Change


03:34: “There is no ethical consumption under late capitalism.”


05:38: 100 corporations are responsible for 70% of emissions


06:45: Environmentalists should be decidedly anti-capitalist.


07:20: How should leftists consider the environment?


12:20: Kevin P. Martyn, Ph.D. candidate in Geography at USF


13:25: What do environmentalists need to know about capitalism?


18:25: Are individual lifestyle changes sufficient to avoid climate change?


22:00: Is capitalism compatible with environmentalism?


22:30: Green Capitalism: The God that Failed by Richard Smith


24:00: “Green-washing” the status quo


27:35: Whither Socialism by Joseph Stiglitz


33:30: Can language about environmentalism become “gentrified?”


35:35: Frank Luntz and the “Death Tax”


38:10: What Every Environmentalist Needs to Know about Capitalism


40:53: David Wallace-Wells’ The Uninhabitable Earth


43:50: The Green New Deal politic: The particulars do matter


49:27: Are there direct consequences of climate change if not addressed now?


49:50: IPCC Timeline of Climate Change impact


56:10: Are there any candidates for 2020 that can address climate change nationally?


1:02:44: How can people get involved and help address climate change politically?


Music produced by @southpointe__ on Instagram.

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